About us

Sri Sumathi Vishal Jain Educational Trust is a voluntary Trust of young men dedicated to the ideal community development through fellowship. Such fellowship is promoted by regular social and cultural activities among members. Our efforts are only supplementary to the meritorious service rendered by Rajasthani Community in the field of Education and service to humanity.

Started in the year 1991 with the holy blessings of Jain Muni Sri Sumati Prakashji and Pujya Vishal Muniji with a single minded objective of providing books free of cost and on a loan basis to students from the faculties of engineering without disparity of cast, creed or religion.

Application for books are solicited at the beginning of each academic year and now in this 20th year of our nation building service and in our continued endeavour to achieve simplify procedures swiftly, forms can be downloaded and reached out to us after being duly filled as per the norms laid out therein.

Our mission and vision "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER" would further be the most gratifying experience to provide the books on immediate receipt of the application and strive that no student is deprived of quality education for want of books.